Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Paris hilton video. I know sexy.

Paris hilton video. Great picz:

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The theme is Paris Hilton! Your OVERNIGHT pretty big You-Know-Whats. Where the hell have they come from? Really. I remember the first pictures of her and she was as flat as a plate above, and with no significant bottom. Then suddenly - / / !!!//-- BOOM there they are! I very carefully studied, that bent-up shot of her from the video, where she did her best for Rich, her ex-boyfriend, and there have seen no evidence of surgery of the implant type. NO! Yet, here she is with an adult set is commendable that size, even very interesting to observe (scientifically, of course!) - And, well, nice to fantasize about, uh, the test for the texture and the other usual things , you know? If anyone has noticed, these new features of Paris? Has anyone asked these things? OR, I was simply wrong to start with it - like maybe she had tied it with a scarf or something down out of modesty? Whats your idea about all this really important topic?
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